The Vince Lombardi Trophy is arguably the most cherished prize in all of sports. Its beginnings, however, were much more humble. In Don Weiss’ 2003 book, “The Making of the Super Bowl,” the late, former NFL exec says that the task of designing the trophy was handed to Oscar Riedener, the design chief for Tiffany and Co., whose workshop is located in Parsippany, N.J.

Making NFL Trophy

NFL Championship Trophy

Vince Lombardi Trophy

Riedener, a native of Switzerland, didn’t know a football from a bratwurst. He stopped by FAO Schwartz in Manhattan to buy one and study it. According to Weiss’ book, Riedener “pulled out a pair of scissors and Scotch tape, then started cutting an empty cereal box. Five minutes later, after folding, cutting and taping, he had transformed the box into a trophy base so that the football could be perched on top.”

Crafting the Lombardi Trophy

Making the NFL Trophy

The 7-pound Lombardi Trophy is created by a team of craftspeople who heat plates of silver with flames, mold curves into it and then attach the football’s decorative stitches.

NFL Super Bowl Trophy

Hammering Details into the Lombardi Trophy

Super Bowl Trophy Details

Super Bowl Trophy NFL

NFL Championship Trophy

Making the Vince Lombardi

2012 Vince Lombardi Trophy

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