2012 Fantasy League Draft #1

Yesterday I received a phone call from a friend who was desperate to fill a spot in his fantasy football league. With two other teams on my plate I was hesitant to manage a third team, but I decided to take him up on the offer.

When committing to a new fantasy football league it is very important to be clear of the league rules and scoring before you start drafting and adjust your strategy accordingly. This particular league has 10 teams. 16 roster spots, 9 starters ( QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, RB/WR Flex, TE, DEF, K ) and 7 bench spots. No PPR. 6 points for all touchdowns.

First, let’s take a look at the top 10 picks of our fantasy draft…

1. Aaron Rodgers, GB QB
2. Tom Brady, NE QB
3. Arian Foster, HOU RB
4. Ray Rice, BAL RB
5. Calvin Johnson, DET WR
6. Drew Brees, NO QB
7. LeSean McCoy, PHI RB
8. Matthew Stafford, DET QB
9. Maurice Jones-Drew, JAC RB
10. Matt Forte, CHI RB

I was a little surprised by the first two picks, particularly Tom Brady going second. The majority of the league is Patriots fans, so this may have contributed to his jump up the draft board. This allowed Arian Foster who is #1 on ADP ( Average Draft Position ) charts, slip to the 3rd pick. The other league I am in only gives 4 points for a passing touchdown, so QBs points may be higher then I am used to in this fantasy league. From my experience, there are plenty of QBs around the league that will get you points, but quality RBs are generally harder to come by. As of late there has been a shift in how RBs are used around the league. There are less “feature backs” than in the past and the league has shifted to more of at Back-by-Committee approach. I guess there is a lot to ponder…

And now for the second round…

11. Cam Newton, CAR QB
12. Rob Gronkowski, NE TE
13. Jimmy Graham, NO TE
14. Chris Johnson, TEN RB
15. Adrian Peterson, MIN RB
16. D. McFadden, OAK RB
17. Jamaal Charles, KC RB
18. DeMarco Murray, DAL RB
19. Marshawn Lynch, SEA RB
20. Andre Johnson, HOU WR

If you look at top 20 players on the ADP board, we choose 18/20. Jamaal Charles and Andre Johnson are third rounders according to the ADP board who would be replaced by Larry Fitzgerald and Ryan Matthews. While Fitzgerald would go as our #21 pick, Matthews slipped all the way down to #40 due to his broken clavicle suffered in a preseason game. The prognosis from the San Diego Chargers was that it would take Mathews four to six weeks to return from his broken clavicle suffered in last week’s preseason opener.

The third round…

21. Larry Fitzgerald, ARI WR
22. Ahmad Bradshaw, NYG RB
23. Wes Welker, NE WR
24. Greg Jennings, GB WR
25. Roddy White, ATL WR
26. A.J. Green, CIN WR
27. Hakeen Nicks, NYG WR
28. Darren Sproles, NO RB
29. Frank Gore, SF RB
30. Fred Jackson, BUF RB

Nothing to out of the ordinary here except for a reach down the charts to get Darren Sproles with a lot of higher ranked backs above him remaining, including the next two picks Frank Gore and Fred Jackson with Trent Richardson, Steven Jackson, Michael Turner & Ahmad Bradshaw still on the board. Although it would not have been my choice, if there is a guy you want on your team, don’t be scared to make a reach down to get him.

My final roaster…

Position Player Pick #
QB Eli Manning, NYG 5
RB LeSean McCoy, PHI 1
RB Chris Johnson, TEN 2
WR Hakeem Nicks, NYG 3
WR Malcom Floyd, SD 6
RB/WR Steven Jackson, STL 4
TE Jacob Tamme, DEN 8
K David Akers, SF 11
DEF Ravens 10
BN Dwayne Bowe, KC 7
BN Michael Bush, CHI 9
BN Nate Washington, TEN 12
BN Matt Flynn, SEA 13
BN Jason Snelling, ATL 14
BN Sidney Rice, SEA 15
BN Kendall Hunter, SF 16

I feel great about this roaster! With the quarterbacks coming off the board early, it gave me a chance to scoop up a solid 3 starting running back core and a top 10 wide receiver.

With Cam Newton going at pick #11 I was a bit concerned about my QB situation, but because everyone else was trying to fill their RB and WR spots, I was able to steal Eli Manning at pick #54 in the draft.

With a lot of “higher” ranked WRs on the board I made a reach down the chart to pick Malcom Floyd because he had flashes of greatness last year, a higher powered offense in comparison to other wideouts, the signing of Robert Meachem should help draw coverage and the recent injury to the Vincent Brown who is behind him in the depth charts.

The top tier TEs were already off the board and I had a great feeling about Jacob Tamme who is reunited with Peyton Manning on the Denver Broncos. He is pretty far down most peoples drafting charts, so I knew I could let him sit for a later round. I pulled the trigger with my #8 pick to ensure I had a decent TE.

I hate being the first player to take a defense but I thought about using my #9 pick on the 49ers defense, but decided to press my luck for the next pick and scooped up a solid WR Dwayne Bowe. His numbers are lower than they should be because the Kansas City offense can become stagnant at times, but he is playing for a new contract next year and I love the added spark that seems to give players.

With Defenses flying off the board in round #10 I jumped in to scoop up the Ravens, a usually formidable force, I just hope the age does not catch up to them.

Round #11 popped the kicker cherry. I was up in the air between Mason Crosby and David Akers. Crosby is ranked higher, but I feel like the Green Bay Packers find the endzone to often. The 49ers are a rock ‘em, sock ‘em kind of team who has trouble finishing drives sometimes. This gives Akers a chance for more field goals then PATs.

The later rounds are filling your bench with potential stars. Michael Bush, Jason Snelling and Kendall Hunter are one injury away from being the starting running back getting the majority of the touches. Since Kenny Britt is captain of the shit-head kingdom, Nate Washington will likely be the star receiver for the Titans who benefits greatly from having Chris Johnson abusing defenses in their run game. I wanted to take a late stab for Andrew Luck but was beat to the punch, so I opted for Matt Flynn. He showed a major flash when he got the week 16 start for the resting Aaron Rodgers by completing 31 of 44 passes, throwing for a franchise-record 480 yards and a franchise-best six touchdowns! Let’s just hope his offensive line doesn’t leave him eating turf.

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