Maria Menounos Super Bowl Bet

The Super Bowl brought a win for the New York Giants and a loss for Maria Menounous. A loss of clothing, actually, that saw her bikini-clad in chilly temperatures in New York City, hosting “Extra.” Menounos, a New England Patriots fan, had been so confident her team would win, she said she’d host the show in a bikini if they didn’t. And … they didn’t. “Sorry about your loss,” a possibly insincere Mario Lopez said Monday morning in front of the cameras, before Menounos shed her robe and revealed a red, blue and white bikini. And how was she doing? “I’m in Times Square in the middle of winter in a bikini, Mario.” Duh.

Maria Menounos Patriots Super Bowl Bet

Maria Menounos Giants Bikini Bet

Maria Menounos Giants Bikini

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