Peyton Pouting Manning was Always a Little Bitch

One of the great unanswered philosophical questions of all time is “Is man more influenced by his heredity or his environment?” Is our behavior determined by Nature or Nuture?

It’s a question that’s fueled debate among scholars, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, the Duke brothers and was the plot of at least half of your Three Stooges episodes. Well we finally have our answer. Peyton Manning came out of the birth canal a whiny little bitch. He didn’t just land in Indianapolis and decide to start acting like a mealy mouthed, spoiled little rich kid. I mean, look at him crying for a hold on that play. Three year old Peyton whining “You can’t grab by the nee-eeck!!!” is the same Peyton who pissed and moaned about the Patriots DBs bumping his receivers when Ty Law picked him off 3 times in the playoffs. So let’s all ease up on the guy. He can’t help being a bitch. Baby he was born this way. @JerryThornton1

Pouting Peyton Manning

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